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Being Jewish in Japan 2012/11/4 13:58
I plan to move to Japan. Any advice, experiences, tips, ect. for living in Japan as a Jew?
by Goldenproducer  

Re: Being Jewish in Japan 2012/11/5 01:49
Jews are admired and well respected in Japan.
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Re: Being Jewish in Japan 2012/11/5 14:29
The locals wouldn't be able to tell what you are except for the obvious fact that you are not Japanese. Your race and religion would make no difference in how they treat you; if you don't look like Japanese, you would be treated as a foreigner. And don't expect them to know a little something about your religion. Most of them are not religious to start with and have very little knowledge on other religions so I'd suggest you be careful especially when you go out to eat as they don't know what Kosher means.
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