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Frozen Dinner 2012/11/5 00:01
Where can I get frozen dinners in Japan?
by Yuki Morino  

Re: Frozen Dinner 2012/11/6 04:30
No need to buy those awful & salty dinners.
You can buy daily fresh prepared food from rice balls to obento boxes, and other cool or hot foods, etc. at any convenient stores, train stations and department store basements. There are also made to order hot bento shops.
If you want, you can heat up at the conveni. stores or freeze them at home later.
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Re: Frozen Dinner 2012/11/6 07:24
I don't know what Swanson and Banquet are, but any Japanese supermarket has a huge array of frozen foods that just have to be warmed up and eaten. They are very popular these days. And while not at the level of "real food", they taste relatively good. It is a very competitive field, resulting in food companies putting a lot of effort into achieving high quality.
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Re: Frozen Dinner 2012/11/6 10:37
Costco or online. Foreign Buyers Club, for example can get you almost anything provided you are willing to wait for it to be shipped from the US.

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TV dinner? 2012/11/6 21:56
Yuki Morino,

If you are looking for the so-called American TV dinners, with everything organized on your little tray, I don't think you can get real ones in Japan.

Craving for them, I have done a thorough search in the past and the best answer I got was National Azabu Supermarket (Tokyo) telling me that they probably can't be imported due to the difference in food safety regulations (tells you how junk the food is).

But there are plenty of alternatives, imported and domestic. It's just that desserts and starters are sold seperately and that they don't taste the same as what you are probably looking for.
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Re: Frozen Dinner 2012/11/7 06:37
I just read that you can't import rice or frozen meat yourself due to various trade restrictions, so it looks like you'll have to hope that some major importer like Costco carries what you are looking for. Otherwise look for local alternatives as other posters have suggested.
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