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kimono and normal make-up 2012/11/6 01:28
Can you tell me all I need to wear a kimono, I heard you said a bag, shoes and specific stuff are needed, so I need all the stuff and pictures. I'm in Tokyo so I am going to a formal dressing party with Japanese, so I need help. and the make-up if you please, how they wear their makeup. Maybe a tutorial or instructions and requirements?
Thank You,
Mui Han
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Re: kimono and normal make-up 2012/11/6 10:44
Mui Han, look for a kimono class and the instructors will teach you steps in all you need to know about kimono dressing.

Despite that they are constantly extreme workaholics yet many well-to-do brides to be attend traditional culture lessons in grooming -- ikebana, kimono, tea ceremonies etc and these popular classes in certain venues might require advance reservations.

Be amazed that even hundred years silk kimono is as bright coloured like new due to the extreme cautious storage and handling. Small repairs are not visible to the naked eye and silk is intrinsically not attracted by pests in storage so they store well over centuries.

Most fabric designs adhere strictly to traditional patterns. Prices in fabric depends on its complex motifs and can differ substantially.
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Re: kimono and normal make-up 2012/11/6 13:05
Recently many young Japanese rent kimono with make-up, because they can't wear it by herself alone.
I'm unsure but maybe beauty salons arrange that?
I heard it's very hard to reserve there for coming-of-age ceremony.
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Re: kimono and normal make-up 2012/11/6 22:08
Mui Han,

The others did their best, but they are guys ;)

No girl wears special make-up when wearing kimono. Just do as you would normally do, as far as make-up is concerned.

Some prefer to have their hair done professionally, just as girls all over the world would have their hair done when attending a wedding or a prom. It's up to you.

If you are attending a formal banquette, ask the banquette hall to see if they can offer rental kimono sets, put them on you and do your hair. They often can. Otherwise they can guide you to someone who can.

Usually girls don't attend classes just for one or two occasions of wearing kimono. Classes are for learning to wear them all by yourself, and you don't need that. Or in other words, it is quite difficult to wear formal style all by yourself. In addition, the price is over the top to buy a whole formal set.

If you are talking about a more casual style of kimono, that's a whole different story.

Hope you have fun!
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