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Birthday gift for host brother 2012/11/6 07:01
Over the summer I stayed with a family for a few weeks, and I promised them I'd send birthday gifts. Now one of the sons are turning 17 and I don't know what to get for him. Any ideas what to get him ? I don't want to send money because thats too impersonal and I think they wouldn't like me sending them money.

Thanks !
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Re: Birthday gift for host brother 2012/11/7 00:18
How about sending clothes ?
But if you buy clothes in Unites states and send it via mail, postage will be large percentage of money you have to spend.
So how about ask someone living in Japan to buy clothes and send it to your friend on behalf of you ? It will dodge postage.
My friend has asked me to buy clothes at yahoo japan auction and send his friend in japan.
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Re: Birthday gift for host brother 2012/11/7 22:16

I'd recommend food, fashion items or hobby items, depending on your budget. And do send it from your home country. That itself will make it special.

You spent some time with him. I'm sure you remember what kind of things he likes. If you don't, almost any boy that age appreciates food.

Typical hobbies range between, sports, music, anime, nature, motorbikes (you can get a motorbike licence from age 16, while car licences aren't available until 18), etc. See if you can remember his preferences.
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Re: Birthday gift for host brother 2012/11/13 17:32
Hey there, honestly a really cool bday present would be something from your country that they dont have here in Japan. Teenagers here love anything foreign and new that their friends cant get :)
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