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Fukubukuro Location 2012/11/6 15:23

What are the best places to go in Tokyo to take advantage of Fukubukuro. Is it dependant on what you want to get or is there a good place where you would be able to find a range of things to buy?

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Re: Fukubukuro Location 2012/11/6 18:15
Of course department stores in Ginza.

But FukuBukuro is only high-priced items reduced the price and blinded,
so keep away from untrustworthy shops especially online.
And yes, it's dependant on what you want to get.
If you want electronic goods, you should buy it in Akihabara,
and if you want clothes for young, you should buy it in Shibuya.

BTW, many people who get FukuBukuro often sell disliked ones on the internet auction.
All items in it not necessarily give delight to you.
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