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Work visa process? 2012/11/7 22:28
Could someone please explain how the visa process goes? I have someone willing to sponsor me a visa in Japan and I just came back to my country. So first step would be applying for Certificate of Eligibility?So my sponsor would do that, then send it to me and I would take it to the embassy with me to apply for the work visa, is that right?how long does it take to get the visa?

I hope someone with experience or knowledge would explain the process to me...
Thank you.
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Re: Work visa process? 2012/11/8 12:39
If you satisfy immigration requirements and are able to find a job that can sponsor your visa, the general steps are:

1. Secure job offer
2. Apply for COE
3. Receive COE, apply for work visa
4. Receive work visa, enter Japan

The entire process can take around 3+ months.
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Re: Work visa process? 2012/11/8 19:48
1. Yes, the sponsor will submit paperwork and apply COE for you in Japan.

2. ASk your sponsor to contact you as soon as he receives it before mailing original COE to you.

3. Once you received it in home country, bring OCOE, passport (ensure more than 6m validity) photo) and fill details in application form if applying for your self (and same criteria for visa for dependents) to Japan consulate at the nearest city in your home country.

4 technically, consulate officer will give you a receipt (checks for all docs submitted )with a pick up time (and they will be very punctual on deadline of pickup- usually same day unless there are too many applicants) and they will check all your docs. If you miss any, they will inform you instantly.

5. You will receive stamped pp with entry work visa, and OCOE

6. On arrival at Narita/Haneda
ensure you carry the OCOE, and surrender it with pp for Immigration procedure. Immigration Officer will retain OCOE and return your stamped pp- welcome to Japan.

COE might take 3-9 weeks depending on complete required docs submission and start employment date. SED is crucial- COE procedure usually completed before SED so ensure SED is realistic e.g 4-6 weeks from submission of docs.

hope it helps
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