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Radiation in Nagoya/Takaya 2012/11/8 13:52
Any radiation there?
by skpooh (guest)  

Re: Radiation in Nagoya/Takaya 2012/11/9 07:53
Yes, of course! I don't think there is any place on earth without radiation.

Nagoya: about 0.04 Sv per hour
Singapore: about 0.07 Sv per hour
Tokyo: about 0.04 Sv per hour
Fukushima City: about 2.00 Sv per hour
During an airplane flight: about 10.00 Sv per hour
CT scan: up to 10000.00 Sv per scan

If it weren't for the flights, a Japan trip could actually provide you with a break from Singapore's higher radiation levels.

I don't know Takaya. Do you mean Takayama? If yes, the radiation is similar to Nagoya.
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Re: Radiation in Nagoya/Takaya 2012/11/16 22:16
There are radiation all around you right now before your computer. But the radiation levels of Nagoya should be similar to your hometown's or perhaps lower.

Nothing to worry about, really, if you are thinking of spills from Fukushima trickling over and down the mountains all the way to Nagoya and Takayama.
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