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Japanese Let's Play? 2012/11/10 09:59
I was wondering if there are any Let's Plays of Japanese games by Japanese people (Let's Play is where someone records themselves playing a video game and it includes their commentary and reactions and things like that). I was looking for some, but I have no idea what to call it in Japanese. I found simple walkthroughs with no kind of commentary, but that's it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Japanese Let's Play? 2012/11/12 12:59
"Game jikkyo/Haishin" [ゲーム実況/配信] on NicoNico douga[ニコニコ動画]. (how to sign up/free)

"Nico-dou(nick)" 2 types of video games movires.
"douga[動画]" means recording/encording file update by user
like "YouTube" insert/add comments anytime by viewers.
other one "Nama-housou[生放送]" means live broadcasting
like "Ustream" insert/add comments realtime by viewers.
Many videos copy to YouTube.

if become a Nama-housou member need update
"Premium Account[プレミアム会員]" 525Y/a month.
Public member[一般会員] always free(0Y).

niconico player is very simple like this.
no install software "browser" only (IE,opera,firefox,safari,Chrome...)
if iPhone or Android celler need official (or unofficial) apps.

also "" Beta version still exist
but not quite same original Japanese version as portal site.
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