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Japanese Let's Play? 2012/11/10 09:59
I was wondering if there are any Let's Plays of Japanese games by Japanese people (Let's Play is where someone records themselves playing a video game and it includes their commentary and reactions and things like that). I was looking for some, but I have no idea what to call it in Japanese. I found simple walkthroughs with no kind of commentary, but that's it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Japanese Let's Play? 2012/11/12 12:59
"Game jikkyo/Haishin" [ƒQ[ƒ€ŽĄ‹µ/”zM] on NicoNico douga[ƒjƒRƒjƒR“®‰ę].
http://youtu.be/hu9V3HHiugs (how to sign up/free)

"Nico-dou(nick)" 2 types of video games movires.
"douga[“®‰ę]" means recording/encording file update by user
like "YouTube" insert/add comments anytime by viewers.
other one "Nama-housou[¶•ś‘—]" means live broadcasting
like "Ustream" insert/add comments realtime by viewers.
Many videos copy to YouTube.

if become a Nama-housou member need update
"Premium Account[ƒvƒŒƒ~ƒAƒ€‰ļˆõ]" 525Y/a month.
Public member[ˆź”Ź‰ļˆõ] always free(0Y).

niconico player is very simple like this.
no install software "browser" only (IE,opera,firefox,safari,Chrome...)
if iPhone or Android celler need official (or unofficial) apps.

also "http://www.niconico.com/" Beta version still exist
but not quite same original Japanese version as portal site.
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