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Where i can go to Muslim Restaurant? 2012/11/11 01:23
Where i can go to Muslim Restaurant?
by Shamzani Affendy (guest)  

... 2012/11/11 16:37
Japan is a big country. Where are you going?

This link is usually useful but it looks like they are making some changes to their website. If the restaurant list doesn't appear before you go then just send them an e-mail.

A few in Tokyo

Enjoy your trip!
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Re: Where i can go to Muslim Restaurant? 2012/11/12 13:24
what do you mean by a Muslim restaurant? Islam is a religion that covers various countries with a hugely diverse range of foods. Maybe it would help if you were more specific. just quoting from wikipedia (unreliable source sorry) Muslim demographics are global. "About 13% of Muslims live in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country,[19] 25% in South Asia,[19] 20% in the Middle East,[19][20] 2% in Central Asia, 4% in the remaining South East Asian countries, and 15% in Sub-Saharan Africa.[19] Sizable communities are also found in China and Russia, and parts of the Caribbean. Converts and immigrant communities are found in almost every part of the world."
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Re: Where i can go to Muslim Restaurant? 2012/11/13 09:32
I think he might be referring to a restaurant where he could find some "hallal" meat..?

But yeah first of all, where are you currently living?
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Re: Thank you 2012/11/13 12:53
Dear Friends,

I m so sorry. I am from Malaysia, a muslim and been to Kyoto before but Tokyo is my first time trip. My apology for not specifying the question. By right it should "Does anybody knows any Muslim Restaurant near by Tokyo city? Thank you.
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