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Allergies to Sesame Seeds 2012/11/12 09:47
Hi! I have applied to go on a year student exchange to Japan but the only problem is that I have allergies to peanuts and sesame seeds. I have been studying Japanese language and culture for about 1 year and I have an understanding of which foods usually have sesame seeds or oil. If you have any advice about what to watch out for that would be great. Also, how would you say "Is there sesame seeds or oil in this (Food item)?"

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Re: Allergies to Sesame Seeds 2012/11/12 14:38
Allergy:アレルギー(singular form always)
油[yu] means "oil" as condiment.

This is Top 1 recipe site in Japan.
a lot of traditional and original arranges.
So search by "ごま/ゴマ/胡麻" each 3 types
also "ラー油/らー油(ra-yu/oil)".
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Re: Allergies to Sesame Seeds 2012/11/12 15:28
Oh! forgot "peanuts[ピーナッツ]"
or also one kind of peanuts "落花生[rakka-sei]" major in Japan.

No contain traditinal Japanese foods(WA-syoku[和食]) or condiment.
butter/jam for bread(not for rice and miso soup) or eaat straight most.

Also study "Setsubun" in Feb.
most "Mamemaki(bean throwing)" by using "Soybean(大豆/dai-zu)"
however not rare case by using rakka-sei.

Some new-wave foods by using rakka-sei
ex) tohu[豆腐] or soft-cream(Soft serve)[ソフトクリーム] as local or original menu.

Rakka-sei fields in Chiba PF (near Tokyo east side) most in Japan
all japanese knows as local food.
but Rakka-sei(seeds) are "high calories(cal)" so too much eating not bad usually.
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