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Japan post-WW2 to post-Amer Civil War 2012/11/14 12:54
I am teaching a class using Seibido's ''American Spirits in Movies''. The first two movies are Gone With the Wind, and Little Women, both are about American women in post-Civil war society. I want to know something about how did the lives of Japanese women change before and immediately after WW2.
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Re: Japan post-WW2 to post-Amer Civil War 2012/11/14 14:15
I am not sure if I am getting your point... but it reminds me of her name. Learning about Fusae Ichikawa may help you understand Japanese women's life before and after WW2. She fought for Japanese women's rights all her life.

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Re: Japan post-WW2 to post-Amer Civil War 2012/11/14 23:40

Almost all of NHK's asa-dora TV drama series are about that.

But as the other poster suggests, what is it that you need? Are you looking for books and DVDs in English available outside Japan?
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Re: Japan post-WW2 to post-Amer Civil War 2012/11/16 21:34
Yeah, as Uco-san says.
Classic example: Oshin

I don't really know whether the two comparisons really work, because the end of WW2 is 1945, and the American civil war ended in 1865. A closer Japanese event is Meiji Restoration in 1867-68 (similar civil wars, 'proper' role female behaviors [The Woman of Meiji], oppression, some emancipation).
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Re: Japan post-WW2 to post-Amer Civil War 2012/11/16 21:52
I'm a social historian myself (researching on a different country and a different period of time), but I personally think drawing a comparison between the (post-) American Civil War and the Meiji Restoration and the issue of women works better. Japan experienced the 'Taisho Democracy' period and Moga (modern girls) boom before WW2 conservative backlash, so it is a bit problematic if you don't examine the historical/social contexts if you want to compare different periods and country.

Here are some interesting women of Meiji:

Umeko Tsuda http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsuda_Umeko

Shizuko Wakamatsu

Ichiyo Higuchi

Akiko Yosano
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Re: Japan post-WW2 to post-Amer Civil War 2012/11/27 13:58
I will register later. Just a quick "thank you for your various replies, I have copied them and will discuss these names with my students.

We have to move on to "Little Women" but as you know this is the same time period.

I do think there is some at least superficial basis of comparisons for peoples lives were violently disrupted in the South. There were and are among some quarters still some unresolved issues in the South, and in Japan what better example than the Japanese Consitiution?

However I greatly appreciate you who think there is no comparison.

My favorite era of Japanese history is Meiji Restoration.

I don't read Japanese except the simplest children's stories, and I can't understand NHK dramas yet......
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