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Eating in Kyoto 2012/11/14 14:01
I will be traveling in a Probus group of 29. We are looking for small cafes or noodle bars near the Kyoto Handicraft centre for lunch on November 27. We can break into smaller groups.

Also we are looking for restaurant for dinner on November 26 in the Pontocho district for the whole group. We don't want a set meal but one where they can each order off the menu. We would make a booking beforehand.

What can you suggest?
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Re: Eating in Kyoto 2012/11/14 18:04
You haven't mentioned budget at all, but this might get you started: http://bento.com/kansai/kyoto.html

Dinner for 29 ordering a la carte is rather a tall order though - good luck with that....
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Re: Eating in Kyoto 2012/11/15 05:49
Thank you. We might let our group wander in Pontocho and find their own eating place. Thanks for the website, it is very good.
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Re: Eating in Kyoto 2012/11/15 07:07
Why not eat at Kyoto Handicraft Center? Their all you can eat buffet restaurant is designed for large tour groups. You can even reserve. Check the menu in Japanese page & Google translate. You will end up paying similar with soft drinks, etc. Just go before other tour buses come in because they can not replenish as fast as consumed, even though they try.
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