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Question about song 2012/11/15 05:05
Hello to everyone
There is a song in japanise that i love very much, but i dont know the name of the song and the name of the artist, so i wonder if you can help me.
In the link that i'll give you, there is clip from people that film moment of the great rollercoaster steel dragon 2000,
during the clip there is a lovely lovely song that we can hear in the backround, maybe you know the name ?

thank you
by loveava (guest)  

Re: Question about song 2012/11/15 10:36
now searched by lyric.

♪ファースト・クリスマス (First christmas)
by K (Korean vocal)
song words and music by Japanese.
http://youtu.be/RiFWmmyJt2k [MV=Music Video]

and theme song of Japanese movie "7月24日通りのクリスマス".
(MV contain some movie scene)
http://youtu.be/NA-GEKFd5b0 [movie trailer]

"7月24日通り" means "Avenida 24 de Julho" in Lisbon, capital city of Portugal.
movie locations similar street with tram in Nagasaki city/Kyusyu.
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