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Endodontist in Kyoto 2012/11/19 06:57
Does anyone know of an endodontist in Kyoto. I have a tooth that needs a root canal; however, I contacted my doctor back home and he wants me to get a pulpotomy instead of the whole root canal until I return to the US.

The staff at the hotel where I am staying has no idea what I am talking about so they do not know who to refer me to.

Even the Japanese words for Endodontist and/or pulpotomy would help much!

Thank you!
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Re: Endodontist in Kyoto 2012/11/19 13:02
Sorry to hear of your problems.

Google translates endodontist as È. If you search for È in Kyoto, you will get dozens of relevant links. One of many - http://www.kyoto-microdentistry.jp/rootcanaltreatment/. Just put the URL in the Google translator and see the Kyoto office details at the bottom of the page.

Good luck!
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Re: Endodontist in Kyoto 2012/11/19 13:55
Call a few dentists near you. Some dentists are heavily booked during end of year.

Most dentists will be able to complete root canals. It is usually done in 3 steps 3 visits instead of 2, 2 as in the States.

1. Infected pulp is removed, sanitized and medicated with temporary seal, prep for metal core performed
2. seal removed, metal core inserted, prep for crown performed
3. test for firmness in core placement then crown inserted, test for bite

With health insurance, cost is minimal.

Dental work is truly efficient. For procedures tough to explain, our dentist showed a manual listing the various steps in English and Japanese- to solve the mystery of each procedure.

Without jabs, I could tolerate the procedure" their drill bits sharp and process quick and dentist patient.

After Japanese dental care, bite felt more stable.

Even without full understanding in Japanese language, we have confidence in our dentist- he is a thorough professional and we were very satisfied with our three crowns for both of us.
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Re: Endodontist in Kyoto 2012/11/19 21:33
Thank you for your replies.

Found someone today and he opted to place some Eugenol inside the tooth (which already has a crown) to ease the pain. It seems to have helped a bit. He did not remove the pulp though, as he explained that he likes to "observe" the tooth.

Have a feeling that I will need the pulpotomy too though to get me through until December 10th when I return to San Francisco.

At the very least, it was an interesting experience.

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Re: Endodontist in Kyoto 2012/11/23 19:34
Yes, our dentists believed in observation stages as well.

Sometimes, the issue is not the tooth.

If it remains painful, then have the dentist recommend next steps to avoid a stressful vacation.
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Re: Endodontist in Kyoto 2012/11/23 23:43

Unfortunately, my vacation has been made a bit more stressful by the fact that the dentist I went to see last Monday completely wrecked my tooth!

The Eugenol did not hold up so I had to return to him on Tuesday. He performed a root canal that was so painful I felt like Dustin Hoffman's character in "Marathon Man!" I have had 9 root canals in the last decade and not one of them hurt. The worst part though was that he literally filed my tooth (and the very expensive crown that I just had put on it a few months ago) down to half of its original size.

I will have to get a new crown and I am not sure if that is even possible as he halved my tooth! Unfortunately, I do not think that I have much recourse here.

Still in a lot of pain on Wednesday, I finally caught up with my friend Kanoko who took me to her dentist. He too performed a root canal (as the other dentist just screwed around with the tooth ) and I did not feel a thing. Returning to him tomorrow to finish the work.

If only I had gone to the second guy the first time!

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