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Appropriate Gift 2012/11/19 10:21

Myself and 3 of my friends are staying about 5 nights with a friend and his wife over Christmas in miyazaki this year.

Although they have mentioned not to give them anything for having us, I am wanting to get them both a gift for accommodating us.

What would be an appropriate gift? I will be visiting from Australia. I was thinking of something like a department store gift voucher (Although not something that meaningful) still shows appreciation. do department stores in japan use gift vouchers, if so, what would be a good department store?

I will be purchasing this gift voucher in Fukuoka for them to use in Miyazaki.

any other ideas would be much appreciated.
by Mark (guest)  

Re: Appropriate Gift 2012/11/19 15:30
The gift voucher would be safe and practical but I dunno...

You are coming up all the way from Australia so if I was your host, I would definitely like it if you could bring me something from back home and not something that I could easily get for myself in Japan.

How well do you know the couple and have they ever been to Australia?

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Re: Appropriate Gift 2012/11/19 16:55
the friend I am staying with is basically my uncle. haven't seen him in a long time. he use to live in Australia a while ago. Not sure what to get his wife though as she is Japanese and I don't believe has been to Australia before.

Thank you for your thoughts, much appreciated.
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... 2012/11/20 10:34
I agree on the Australian gift idea.

I am not Japanese so hopefully one of the Japanese regulars can add some useful suggestions but perhaps things like Australian food, wine, chocolates (Macadamia?) would be appropriate. Also other gifts depicting Australian scenery/wildlife may be useful.

Enjoy your trip!
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Re: Appropriate Gift 2012/11/21 14:25
I am Japanese and I lived in Australia before so maybe I can help you.

I think its better if you can get your uncle and his wife something from Australia. Maybe some food or wine for your uncle, and some organic beauty care product such as body soaps and bath salts for his wife.

In addition to that, you can give them some snacks and lollies that you can get from Coles or Target! It is hard to find imported snacks in Japan (but not timtams. you can get timtams in Japan.) I think they would love it.

Presents should be something they can eat or use but I'm pretty sure whatever you give them will be greatly appreciated.

If there is some reason that you can't bring gift from your home, then I recommend you to get a gift box of sweets in Fukuoka, not a gift voucher.

If you think a gift box is not enough then why don't you have dinner with your uncle and his wife at a nice restaurant and you can pay for the food.

I hope you and your friends gonna have great time in Japan.

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Re: Appropriate Gift 2012/11/29 18:56
Have read the replies... go Vegemite for him. Something from the body shop for her! LOL.
p.s. the vegemite and something else. The vegemite would bring on a good laugh.
If I was o/s for a few years the vegemite would be just perfect!
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