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Attending Distant Worlds concert 2012/12/2 18:17
I've read some info here on the forum about gaijins attending concerts in Japan and it boosted some of my confidence to go with it even if it'll be my first time to attend in a foreign country, alone, and with little to no Nihongo skills to boot! I can share the feeling of being excited and nervous at the same time! 

I already bought a ticket frm Lawson, it already has a seat indicated. That seat number is final,right?^_^
It will be held at Tokyo International Forum Hall A. I plan to scout the area before the event so hopefully I wont get lost! This would be an orchestra by FF Distant worlds (you've heard of them right?) =)

It just came to me that this is somehow like a formal concert, unlike jrock/jpop concerts! Anything that I need to watch out for? Can I take some pics/vids for souvenir?xD I've also read that with Distant worlds concerts held on diff parts of the world that some attendees wear like formal clothes or something like that.. will this be the case also here?Maybe a casual attire would be alright, but how casual is casual?

If anyone already attended something similar or had already attended a Distant Worlds concert here, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your experience, the dos and donts, checklist etc. Thanks!
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Re: Attending Distant Worlds concert 2012/12/6 14:15
When I attended a Distant Worlds concert near Washington DC a few years back, I wore nice semi-formal clothes (nice slacks, blouse). However, there were some people who showed up in jeans and t-shirts and some even in cosplay.

It is an orchestra performance, so I would suggest wearing something nice; business casual at the very least. I think it shows respect to the venue hosting the event and the musicians.
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Re: Attending Distant Worlds concert 2012/12/29 13:04
Thank you for the reply Pen san!
Really appreciate sharing your distant world experience ;)
Do you think they'll allow taking photos during the concert? Was there a meet and greet as well?
yey 2 more nights!!^^
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Re: Attending Distant Worlds concert 2012/12/30 13:52
I've been to two Dear Friends concerts, same premise (Nobuo Uematsu) and I agree that there was a variety of clothing but the majority were in fairly formal attire or cosplay. I definitely would dress up because there aren't enough opportunities in life to do so! :)

There was no photography during the concert. As I recall, there was a Q&A with Nobuo and the conductor immediately after the concert and a meet and greet with the vocalists after that. I'm not sure if that's always the case though. I envy you, it was a fantastic performance and I can't imagine how much cooler it will be in Tokyo! Have fun!
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Re: Attending Distant Worlds concert 2012/12/31 13:15
I do feel blessed that they would be performing here while I'm still here! ;)
I'll be cherishing every moment! A few more hours! feeling all nervous and excited again ;)

Thank you for the info Meg san I was thinking that might be the case.. so maybe just take souvenir pics before and after the concert..
Hope you'll get your chance in Tokyo too! Ja! ittekimasu!^^
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