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Street Perfoming in Japan 2012/12/6 22:42
I'm a musician planning a visit to Japan In April to see the sights and hopefully do a couple of gigs.

I street perform around Great Britain all the time giving out free CDs/Business cards to slowly develop a fan base.

I was wondering about doing it in Japan when I visit.

I've spoken to a few Japanese friends and they it's ok in Shibuya. but I want to do it in many of the places I visit.
Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Akita, Sapporo. etc.

Is there any way of finding out the if these places don't mind or turn a blind eye or whatever. or perhaps have certain zone where it's ok?
I'm not going to ask for money, just trying to make new fans abroad.

Perhaps I should contact the embassy?
This is 100% non profit!

Thanks for any great person who might know
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Re: Street Perfoming in Japan 2012/12/7 08:22
First of all, you need the proper visa. If you enter Japan as a tourist, it is illegal to perform on the streets. Secondly, you will likely need some type of permit. The exact rules depend on the municipality. Tokyo, for example, gives out permits for specific locations to applying street performers.
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Re: Street Perfoming in Japan 2012/12/7 14:36
Even local street performers can and often will be turned away (by policemen or station staff) if they don't register and get permit beforehand. I've seen a North American street performer perform on the street (in Tokyo) and get turned away after a song or two. I know that even in public parks like Ueno Park (in Tokyo) the performers need to sign up beforehand to perform there...
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