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Can a thermal bag keep my food warm? 2012/12/7 13:03
I am thinking of using a thermal bag (aluminium kind, can be found at Daiso) to keep my bento warm when I buy it from Lawson. I will put the cooler bag in my backpack. I like to know if a thermal bag can keep my food warm in Hokkaido's winter? Or is it no use in such a cold winter???
by tinkerbell (guest)  

Re: Can a thermal bag keep my food warm? 2012/12/8 13:17
It depends on how long you intend to keep it, and into what kind of cold you are going to walk into. I would say if you are going outdoors it would be no use. And generally speaking I would not really recommend trying to keep your food warm as it could go bad while you carry it around...
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Re: Can a thermal bag keep my food warm? 2012/12/9 01:21
I agree with the other poster, and to add I've never heard of people trying to keep Lawson bento warm in the first place.

Convenience stores will microwave lunches for you just so that you can eat them right after you go straight home to your room or office.

In other words, it's more practical to either look for microwave ovens as you travel (including stores that will microwave their food for you), carry heating devices such as camping equipment, or look for restaurants and food vendors. Or sometimes, you may find eki-ben (station lunch box) that will let you heat it up by yourself with a click of a attached switch.

I can't really imagine people walking around in the middle of nowhere long enough to get a combini bento cold, though. On the other hand, there are big lunch boxes available, meaning empty ones just like thermos for beverages, in which you can fill in whatever favorite food you wish to carry around for hours.
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Re: Can a thermal bag keep my food warm? 2012/12/10 15:48
Hi guys, thanks for your replies. I asked that question because I will be going to Moerenuma Park & I read from its website that its two eateries, L’enfant qui reve (12月26日〜1月31日は休業) & Panier (冬季営業: 休業とさせていただきます。) will be closed.


So that's wh before going, I gotta buy my bento first or I will starve there...
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?? 2012/12/10 21:50
Why will you starve when it only takes a couple of hours to walk around? And where would you eat when all the restaurants are closed? Are you sure there is a warm area where eating is allowed?
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Re: Can a thermal bag keep my food warm? 2012/12/11 17:05
Hi Uco,

I read online that as it is as very vast space, it is good to give oneself plenty of time to walk around the park. So I am thinking that probbaly I will reach there around late morning & I think by the time I am done, it may be around late afternoon already, so I gotta bring a bento there.

As to where I am thinking of eating, yes you are right. Eveything in Moerenuma Park seems open. I am thinking my best bet is the Glass Pyramid. I guess it should be less cold in there. Surely eating is not prohibited inside??? I don't see any notice on its website.


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Re: Can a thermal bag keep my food warm? 2012/12/11 21:47
Hi tinkerbell,

Okay, I would call that risking your bento to get cold in return that you have more freedom at the park.

In other words, most people would probably either think (A)"Let's take as much time as we want at the park. I don't care when it will be that we can catch our next meal." or (B)"We need to eat lunch at a certain time. So let's finish lunch first and then go to the park so that we don't have to care about meals."

But you seem to be a bit picky about both your meal and the hours you spend at the park. So no, I don't think it's a bad idea to try the bag in hope to keep your bento as warm as possible. However, for one, conbini bentos aren't shaped to be carried around for a long time (they're horizontal rather than verticle). And if you must have a warm lunch, may I advise you to adjust your hours at the park.
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Re: Can a thermal bag keep my food warm? 2012/12/12 10:20

I've been there in September, it is a wonderful place.

It should be no problem to eat in the Glass Pyramid. Just remember it will be closed from 29th December till 3rd January.

In its FAQ page (in Japanese language), they say that during winter time they have snow and water-related facilities (such as Sea Fountain, Moere Beach, Aqua Plaza, for example) are not available/accessible.
Instead they offer cross-country skiing course, also it is possible to enjoy winter sports at Mt.Moere and Play Mountain - sled, snowboarding, etc.
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Re: Can a thermal bag keep my food warm? 2012/12/13 13:49
Hi nekonote,

Thank you for telling me about the rental of equipment. I can't find where is the list of rental prices & equipment. I am sure it will be so much fun to ski down the little mountain!

Satoland looks like a good place to visit. I wonder if it is a good idea to visit it after I am done with M park? They do not put down the timing of public bus on their website. This is something I am concerned about as I am not renting a car.
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