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How to spend 1 day in Osaka? 2012/12/9 13:18
I am spending 1 day in Osaka - Monday December 24.
I would like suggestions on what to do. There don't seem to be any tours which operate on Monday.
by michael (guest)  

Re: How to spend 1 day in Osaka? 2012/12/9 16:27
by frog1954 rate this post as useful

Re: How to spend 1 day in Osaka? 2012/12/9 18:38
In the morning go Universal Studios. Spend half a day there. Next go to Osaka Castle, and to Sumiyoshi Taisha or Shitennoji Temple. Night comes early in winter so head to the dontombori night market before ending your day. If lost just ask for the train back the main stations, Umeda and Namba. There are malls at these stations so feel assured that a toilet, or restaurant is near by.
by Joshua Hugh rate this post as useful

Re: How to spend 1 day in Osaka? 2012/12/10 04:21
I would add the aquarium if the weather is bad.
by Stan Norrell rate this post as useful

Re: How to spend 1 day in Osaka? 2012/12/10 14:52
I also recommend the Osaka Unlimited (1 day) Pass. Depending on where you start, the day can include:

(not in any order)
- Umeda Sky Garden (nice at night)
- Osaka Castle (if you're short on time, the inside isn't that great (it's like a modern museum), just going to the grounds and seeing it from the outside is still fun)
- Dotonbori
- Tsutenkaku Tower (nice to see sun set)
- Shinsaibashi-suji
- HEP5 ferris wheel (nice at night)
- Tsuruhashi for Korean BBQ

That's if you want to *see* Osaka. Or you can easily spend 1/2 a day at the Aquarium (will be nice on a Monday) and the other half shopping and dining in Shinsaibashi (Tokyo Hands), Namba, Dotonbori and Umeda (Loft).

Enjoy your day!
by Obak3 (guest) rate this post as useful

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