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Tokyo - Nikko 5 days 2012/12/12 01:45
I have a plan to visit Japan for the first time probably next year with my friend.
I would like to know where should I go and need some advice about hotel or something we can stay overnight which is not expensive, we're going by ourselves so we need a recommendation :)
Ohh yeah and I would like to know how much a foods and train tickets is?(as usual)

Thank you so much :D
by Kloperse  

... 2012/12/12 08:48
Roughly what dates? Do you know which airport will you fly in and out of?

Hotels and areas in Tokyo:-

Travel Budgets:-

Budget Travel:-

Tobu Nikko Passes:-

If you can provide more detail including maybe a range in yen of your budget per night for accommodation it will be easier to suggest, although hopefully reading all of the links above will clarify things for you.

Enjoy your trip!
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Re: Tokyo - Nikko 5 days 2012/12/12 09:06
on June but we're not sure about dates
and the airport is Narita
money probably about 20,000-30,000 JPY I guess.

btw Thank you for your help :)
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... 2012/12/12 10:39
on June but we're not sure about dates

When to travel:-

and the airport is Narita

Depending on hotel location consider Suica + NEX return package:-

money probably about 20,000-30,000 JPY I guess.

Per night or total for everything or total for accommodation? How many nights? Per person or for both of you? Do you need separate beds?

If per night you can stay pretty much anywhere.

If total and 4 nights then you have a range of options, mostly hostels/guesthouses or cheap business hotels.

btw Thank you for your help :)

You are welcome.
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