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Scale models shop Yokohama/Tokyo 2012/12/13 08:53
Hello, can anybody recommend big and/or cheap scale-models shop in Yokohama area, worst case- Tokyo?
Thank you in advance.
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Re: Scale models shop Yokohama/Tokyo 2012/12/13 11:50
B's Hobby Lalaport Yokohama (3Fl Lalaport Yokohama (JR Yokohama Line Kamoi Station) http://www.bunkyodo.co.jp/c/tenpo/BsHobby_lalaport.htm

Lucky Bayfort (2 minutes from Keikyu Hinodecho Station) Google map coordinates are 35.444775,139.628152 4th floor

Takiguchi Mokei (about 15 minutes walk from Yokohama city subway Blue Line Nippa station) Google map coordinates are 35.523054,139.602145 http://takiguchimokei.com/

Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Bldg (3 minutes from Yokohama Station) 6th floor has a fair collection of model kits and supplies (http://www.yodobashi.com/ec/store/0033/)

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Re: Scale models shop Yokohama/Tokyo 2012/12/13 12:08
My personal recommendation is Lucky Bayfort. They'd recently moved to the current place but they'd been in business for the last half century. They are also running a 20% discount sale now.

Also, I think Leonardo Yokohama is still in business (the original Leonardo in Tokyo just went out of business). Very interesting shop that mainly sells second hand discontinued kits from decades ago (also sells new issues) . Try calling 045-317-8446. I heard they are still open. Google map coordinates are 35.463894,139.611962. The website for the Leonardo chain is gone.

If you need to know shops in Tokyo, I can give you some other names and locations.
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Re: Scale models shop Yokohama/Tokyo 2012/12/13 12:25
Thank you Takeuchi san!
I am in Yokohama so you list is more than perfect for me. Just in case you know any really special shop in Tokyo worth visiting not only for shopping but as sightseeing event?

Once again thank you for you replay.
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Re: Scale models shop Yokohama/Tokyo 2012/12/13 14:05
I was about to ask you if you had been to the Tamiya shop in Shimbashi, but just found out that there's another one in Yokohama. It's inside the Tressa Yokohama mall (http://www.tressa-yokohama.jp/access/googlemap) . The Tamiya Plamodel Factory is run by Tamiya so it only carrys Tamiya kits, but you will find all the products on the Tamiya catalog and that includes Tamiya novelties that you won't find in other places (shirts, ties, pens, etc.) . They also have "factory" space where you can build the kits.

As for other places in Tokyo, I really can't think of a "you can't miss" place since so many places have gone out of business in the last 10 years or so. Some places I personally go to in Tokyo are

Dora: Odakyu Line / Tokyo Metro Yoyogi Hachiman Station about 3 minutes. Across from the post office. Google map 35.668136,139.690282
This is a tiny shop but it's been around forever and carries strictly scale kits only. http://gdora.web.fc2.com/index.html

Sunny: Odakyu Line / Keio Inokashira Line Shimokitazawa Station. Google map 35.660783,139.668267
This place is a bit hard to find in the very crowded Shimokitazawa zone, but has a pretty good selection. Shimokitazawa itself is a very interesting shopping / culture zone. http://www.hobbyshop-sunny.co.jp/

Nakama Mokei Center: JR Chuo Line, Nishi Ogikubo Station Google map 35.704269,139.602864 .
Another old shop since 1965. Interesting because they sell collections consigned by customers, i.e. old kits that's been sitting in someone's closet. Sometimes you find that rare kit for a good price. Another good thing is, the shop is open until 10PM on weekdays and Sundays, and until 11PM on Friday and Saturday nights.

Kiya Hobby: Chuo Line, Ogikubo Station (next to the station above) in the Town 7 building in front of the north exit. http://kiyahobby.co.jp/k/index.php?main_page=page_2

Yamashiroya: Across the street from the Hirokoji exit of Ueno Station. http://www.e-yamashiroya.com/ This is a large toyshop with a floor for plastic kits. If you are using the Ueno Station to travel elsewhere, this is a nice place to kill time.

I can go on.

So what do you build? I build (uh, I haven't completed anything in 3 years ...) but I mainly do aircraft. The last thing I built was the vintage Monogram Wright cyclone engine. See http://plamo-net.com/search.php?id=jetawabi&genre=item

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Re: Scale models shop Yokohama/Tokyo 2012/12/14 12:41
Takeuchi san,
Thank you for information, I will try to visit couple of shops from you list in Yokohama first.
Basically I also do not build much recently, but my main interest is military vehicles and 4x4 in 1/35 scale. But this time I want to build some contemporary japan car like GT-R or GT86.

Again thank you for extremely useful information. It is looks like you favorite shop is walking distance from my apartment so can combine weekend walk with shopping.
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