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Rapala fishing tackle? 2012/12/13 17:48
I am asking you to your kind help.

I would really like to buy Rapala's Flotation Long Shallow’s Vest (http://www.rapalaworld.com/products/flotation-long-shallow%E2%80%99s-v... ) from Japanese RAPALA fishing tackle branch (http://www.rapala.co.jp/info/info.html ). But I could not ask from them because I have not found any contact email address from this web site from Japanese branch?

Anyone can help me to call them and ask from this life vest item is available to order from Japanese Rapala branch?
if yes, i would really appreciate that.

Thank you,
by Ebo (guest)  

Re: Rapala fishing tackle? 2012/12/14 11:35
Ask each shops.
メール : email
お買物: web-shopping

Rapala Japan is wholesale only.
Most blanch shops no ENG pages and no for shipping.
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Re: Rapala fishing tackle? 2012/12/14 12:31
Thank you for kind advice. Of course I have tried and asked 4-5 of them in Tokyo area. But no succeed. they said this item is not available for order it.

I don't care about shipping because my friend is still living in Tokyo.

Anyone knows?
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