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Where to buy cheap jeans? 2012/12/15 09:49
I would like to know where i can buy cheap rip jeans in tokyo (eg shibuya, shinjuku,harajuku,ueno ) or any second hand shop?

by Jajan (guest)  

Re: Where to buy cheap jeans? 2012/12/17 09:15
Go to Shibuya and walk down the main strip, crossing the street and passing the starbucks, keep walking a few blocks.

eventually you will see some african guys hustling to get you into their store. tell them you want to buy jeans and they will personally take you up to the store and help you out.

all the jeans will have prices over $100 on the tags but just tell them you have little money and you can probably get the jeans for $30 or less.

they have all sort of jeans and other clothing that look pretty nice so give it a look.
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Re: Where to buy cheap jeans? 2012/12/17 17:41
Go to a Uniqlo or even cheaper, "g.u." which is a cheaper brand for Uniqlo.

They are pretty much everywhere but in central Tokyo, there's one in Shinjuku 3-chome, Printemps Ginza, and at Ikebukuro East exit.


I think jeans go for like 980 yens so they are cheap.

Also any Seiyu Store that has a clothing section has jeans in the same price range.
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