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Grutt Pass in February 2013 2012/12/17 17:13
I would be visiting Japan from 5th February 2013 and I would be staying a few days in Tokyo. As I'm planning to visit a lot o museums I am interested in buying the Grutt Pass.
From what I understand, the pass can only be bought in Japan, at one of the 70 museums listed and is valid for 2 months.
The sales ends on the 31th of January 2012 and the new pass usually starts selling from 1st of April.
It looks as I would be missing this pass by a few days.
Is there any way to buy this Pass online, now. Will they still be on sale on the 5th of February, or people who visit on February and March are stuck?
Is there any other pass, I could use in February?
Thank you very much for your answers.
by Tony201 (guest)  

Re: Grutt Pass in February 2013 2012/12/18 12:29
When I went to Tokyo at the end of February 2004 I was able to get the Grutt Pass at the first museum I visited so possibly it will be the same now several years later. It was a fantastic bargain!
by Maranyc rate this post as useful

Re: Grutt Pass in February 2013 2012/12/18 16:29

I have checked with the organisor. There is no way for you to buy in advance. Online sale is available at Pia, convenience stores, but no English available.(and handling charge) Why don't ask hotel staff, to prepare by January and you pick up in February when you check in.
by get the LED out rate this post as useful

Re: Grutt Pass in February 2013 2012/12/24 16:49
Thank you very much for your answers.
I've tried to get in touch with the hotel, but I'm staying at a cheap business hotel and I don't think they will bother to help me.
Hopefully I would still find them on sale when I get there, even if they will no longer be on sale officially.
Thank you for your help and Merry Christmas! :)
by Tony201 (guest) rate this post as useful

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