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Best places to get 3D nail art? 2012/12/18 07:25
Something like these! Somewhere in the Tokyo area, under $200, and preferably somewhere where I can make a reservation in English (only because my Japanese skills are not too good)

by fallonkitty01  

Re: Best places to get 3D nail art? 2012/12/21 11:27
Check the site below, where you can find collections freaturing Kitty. You click an image and move to the shop info by clicking somewhere once or twice. So confusing to you, so you should ask your hotel upon the arrival if they can help and book the reservation. I think sure they can help.

I just went into one of them to see the price list. I am the last man who talks about nails... It says like the rate is from 10,000 for 90 minutes service to 120 minutes course for 15,000. So it sounds the price depends on the hours you take.. Budget-wise, you can make it.

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Re: Best places to get 3D nail art? 2012/12/21 12:13
can't help with the english part, but there's a kewl place, 2f of shibuya 109. amazing stuff. i wanted to buy 3d nail art for my neices but using a combination of google translator broken japanese & broken english, i was informed, they don't sell just the nails. all the custom stuff must be fitted only.

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