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Reserve restaurant for New Year's Eve 2012/12/18 16:50
My family is coming over next week and they want me to book a restaurant for New Year's Eve (31th) which is close to the hotel they are staying at. In the middle of Gaienmae, Roppongi and Akasaka somewhere.

Since I've only been here for 4 months so far and not been to that many restaurants in that area, do any of you guys have any recommendations?

And if I call to the restaurant, will they speak some English or do I have to use my poor Japanese? :P

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Reserve restaurant for New Year's Eve 2012/12/18 17:21

THey seem to have quite OK recommendations - you could browse through to see if you might like any of those listed :)

With restaurants around in that area you mentioned, I'd say it's likely someone would speak some English. First ask if they are open on the 31st. GOod luck and enjoy dining!
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Re: Reserve restaurant for New Year's Eve 2012/12/19 01:28
You must be specific when you ask for recommendations.

How old are your family members? And how many?

Can they eat Japanese foods? Vegitaians? Do they want American or Chinese foods? Sashimi OK?

Do you want to stay until midnight for countdown party at a restaurant?

There are too many in Gaienmae-Roppongi-Akasaka area. Which area do you prefer?

I do not think most of them won't speak English over the phone. Safe choices are those in major hotels.

One good choice could be ANA Intercontinental Tokyo in Akasaka where you have a choice from Japanese, Chinese and steaks, Italian, etc.

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Re: Reserve restaurant for New Year's Eve 2012/12/19 19:54
Thank you for the tips! And dorry for being vauge.

Found many interesting restaurants on bento.com but I finally went for ANA Intercontinental Tokyo! They have open on New Year's Eve, so I booked it!

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Re: Reserve restaurant for New Year's Eve 2012/12/28 15:24
It's great that you've mentioned the ANA Intercontinental Hotel because I was about to suggest the French restaurant "Pierre Gagnaire". It's a two star michelin restaurant. They've served me one of the most over-the-top, amazing dishes I've ever had in my entire life of a Japanese beef tenderloin from Saga topped with Hokkaido Uni. They also have extremely friendly and attentive English-speaking waiters that will make your experience a memorable one. At the end, we actually met the pastry chef, conversed with the waiters and they gave us a complementary digistif of a non-alcoholic juice cocktail.

The ANA is a very upscale hotel as I felt certainly out of place but I can imagine they'll attend to your family's needs.

The following is my blog at Pierre Gagnaire located on the 36th floor of the ANA Intercontinental and a video from the hotel of activities to do around the vicinity:


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