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Rail/Train pass selection in Tokyo 2012/12/22 00:34
Hi all, can I ask for advice with regards to buying the suitable train pass for inside Tokyo/nearby area travel?

Here's my itenary (Feb10th-16th):
Day 1 - arrive Narita, travel to Ueno(our hotel there - Hotel Edoya)
Day 2 - trip to Yuzawa
Day 3 - trip to Hakone/Mt Fuji
Day 4 - Disneyland
Day 5 - Tokyo town(maybe Disneysea)
Day 6 - Tokyo town
Day 7 - Narita(fly back home)

Question 1: Shall I buy the Kanto pass? since travel to Ueno(fr Narita), Yuzawa, Mt Fuji - all can be used. But maybe Mt Fuji, will go with tour(either Grayline or another). is this Kanto pass worthwhile to purchase, or should we just buy separate tickets?

Question 2: Traveling to Yuzawa, is it easy to go on our own, or better to go with tour packages? Kanto pass give us an offer for the Gala Yuzawa snow resort rentals, etc.

Question 3: Can the Kanto pass be used for trains in Tokyo, e.g. from Tokyo station to Ueno station? I got the subway map, but looks very confusing with so many lines and private train companies.

As we will be in Tokyo town travel for Day 4 to 6, what train pass is most suitable? SUICA? On last day we will just take the Keisei line fr Ueno to Narita.

Here's wishing all forumers a very Merry X'mas.
by mKow  

Re: Rail/Train pass selection in Tokyo 2012/12/22 21:22
Day 2 - trip to Yuzawa
Day 3 - trip to Hakone/Mt Fuji
Shall I buy the Kanto pass? Since travel to Ueno(from Narita), Yuzawa, Mt Fuji - all can be used.

The 11th of February is a holiday; consider shifting your Yuzawa trip to a later weekday.
Mt. Fuji itself cannot be reached with any JR pass; neither is Hakone.
A JR Kanto Area Pass covers a non-JR section of Fuji Kyuko [Fujikyu], which leads to Kawaguchiko, one of the Fuji Five Lakes.
Yuzawa can be reached with this pass only when the Gala Option Ticket is taken.

If you choose Kawaguchiko for views of Mt. Fuji, then the combination of JR Kanto Area Pass and Gala Option Ticket can be a good deal.

Day 1 - arrive Narita, travel to Ueno(our hotel there - Hotel Edoya)
On last day we will just take the Keisei line from Ueno to Narita.

If your hotel is Hotel Edoya located in Yushima, then Ueno or Keisei Ueno does not sound a good station for it.
Ueno-hirokoji (G-15) Station is located nearby, but Ueno (G-16) and Keisei Ueno Stations are located a bit apart, and Ueno Station of JR-East is complicated.

This hotel is within a walking distance from Ochanomizu Station of JR-East.
Ochanomizu Station can be reached with a special ticket in a Suica & N'EX package.
If you get a one-way version, the one-way cost will be 1500 yen.
If you get a roundtrip version, the two-way cost will be 3500 yen.
Getting this package, you will not have to make your JR Kanto Area Pass cover your way from NRT to a station near this hotel, so you can use the pass on Days 3 - 5 or on Days 4 -6.

{NRT to Hotel Edoya in Yushima}

Narita Airport or Airport Terminal 2 of JR-East
| [Narita and Sobu Main Lines: Narita Express]
: transfer from the 5th basement to the 2nd floor above the ground,
using elevators or escalators
| [Chuo Line (Track 1 or 2): Rapid]
Ochanomizu: Hijiri-bashi Gate
| [walk]
Hotel Edoya

I suppose Chuo Line of JR-East can be a better option than Marunouchi Line of Tokyo Metro subway.
Marunouchi Line's tracks in Tokyo Station are nearer from / to N'EX tracks of JR-East, but the road from / to its Ochanomizu Station is under Hijiri-bashi Bridge, which you will cross on the way to / from the hotel.

{Hotel Edoya in Yushima to Yuzawa}

Hotel Edoya
| [walk]
Ochanomizu Sta. of JR-East: Hijiri-bashi Gate
| [Chuo Line: Rapid]
Tokyo: Shinkansen Transfer Gate for Tracks 20 - 23
| [Jo'etsu Shinkansen]
Echigo-Yuzawa or Gala-Yuzawa

One alternative route to Tokyo is: Hotel Edoya -- Yushima (C-13) -- (C-16) Nishi-nippori: transfer: Nishi-Nippori of JR-East -- Tokyo.
In Tokyo Station, both JR-East and JR-Central have Shinkansen tracks. Please follow signs for Tohoku, Jo'etsu, Akita, Yamagata and Nagano Shinkansen.

{Hotel Edoya to Tokyo Disney Resort}

Ways to / from Keiyo Line tracks (on the 4th basement of another annex) in Tokyo Station are long.
One alternative route to Maihama is: Hotel Edoya -- Yushima (C-13) -- (C-09) Hibiya (H-07) -- (H-11) Hatchobori: transfer: Hatchobori of JR-East -- Maihama.

Accesses within the resort are explained in the following pages.

by omotenashi rate this post as useful

5 Days Itenary in Tokyo 2013/1/6 10:47
hi omotenashi,

I've sort of finalised my itenary plan based on your advice. Just a few more advice from you would be good:

Day 1 - arrive Narita, buy SUICA+N'EX & JR Kanto Area Pass, travel to Ochanomizu Sta-Hotel Edoya, or travel to Yushima Sta : which is nearer? The N'EX is only to get from Narita to/from Tokyo Sta, can this ticket still allow us to go to Ochanomizu Sta for free?

Day 2 - Asakusa/Ameyoko/Yurakucho(nite) - all these to use SUICA pass

Day 3 - trip to Hakone/Mt Fuji(guided tour)

Day 4 - Tsukiji Mkt/Harajuku/Shinjuku - can you suggest some areas of interest in Shinjuku/Harajuku where locals like to go? Can we visit Tokyo Metropolitan Building for the night view?

Day 5 - Gala Yuzawa

Day 6 - Tokyo Disneyland (if we travel on JR to Mahaima, we can use the JR Kanto pass for free?)
1. Ochanomizu Station (Platform 4)
JR Chuo Line - Train towardsTokyo
2. Tokyo Station (Platform 3,4)
JR Keiyo Line - Train towards Kimitsu
3. Maihama Station
Is this way ok?

Day 7 - Narita(use JR Kanto Area Pass)

Thank you. Wishing you a Happy New 2013!
by mKow rate this post as useful

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