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Night bus from Osaka to Kanazawa 2012/12/22 02:11
We intend to take a night bus from Osaka to Kanazawa on 19 Jan 2013. Is there any direct night bus travel from Osaka to Kanazawa? Please advise. Thank you so much/
by JC (guest)  

Re: Night bus from Osaka to Kanazawa 2012/12/22 21:39
Your options are explained in the following page.
The mentioned highway buses are not overnight buses. The latter one for Kanazawa is scheduled to depart from Osaka (Hankyu Umeda) at 17:00 and to arrive to Kanazawa Ekimae at 21:35.

by omotenashi rate this post as useful

Re: Night bus from Osaka to Kanazawa 2012/12/23 08:21
JC and omotenashi,

I thought there should not be overnight buses between Osaka and Kanazawa, but when I searched on the web, I found the following one.

It says the bus departs Tennoji 22:20, Umeda (near JR Osaka station) 23:00 and arrives Kanazawa at 5:30.
by frog1954 rate this post as useful

Re: Night bus from Osaka to Kanazawa 2012/12/24 01:23
If you are OK to wake up and get off a bus running for another prefecture, one option is Hokuriku Dream Osaka 1, which is operated by West JR Bus.
: Osaka Station JR Highway Bus Terminal 22:20 -- 05:54 Kanazawa Ekimae (destined to Toyama Ekimae)

Here are two types of highway bus services in Japan: highway share-ride bus and highway tour bus.
Highway share-ride buses are offered mainly by route-bus companies. JR Highway Buses and the bus service above-mentioned in the webpage are highway share-ride buses.
Highway tour buses are offered mainly by tour companies, which consign bus operation to bus companies.

frog1954: but when I searched on the web, I found the following one.

According to the website of the link, this bus running from Tennoji, Osaka via Kanazawa to Toyama will be available until 14 January 2013.
This bus service is a highway tour bus, and the profile of the offering company is found on a list (in Japanese) of members of a liaison council on highway tour bus (
It seems that this company is not a bus company, judging from that it is not appearing on a list of highway tour bus companies announced by MLIT, which the ministry began to make and publicize following a serious highway tour bus accident in April 2012.

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Night bus from toyama to osaka 2013/1/25 11:32
Please recommend me web-site for booking night bus from toyama to osaka. I only found Hokuriku dream osaka bus but I don't know how to book a bus.
Thanks you.
by Rainbow (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Night bus from Osaka to Kanazawa 2013/1/25 16:52

In this page please find

kh[㍆y/s /xRz

Click then you will find their reservation page. This is only in Japanese so that you might want assistance. If you stay some hotel/hostel, someone might assist you to fill the reservation page.

You can buy the bus tickets at Midori no Madoguchi, travel agencies such as JTB and KNT and convenience stores (Familymart and Lawson).
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