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Nohi bus ticket pickup? 2012/12/24 08:32
I have phoned the Hokutetsu reservation center to reserve seats for the bus trips from Kanazawa to Shirakawago, and Shirakawago to Takayama. I received reservation numbers too.

Now, when and where do I pick up the tickets? On the day on the bus, or I can pick up a day before from the Hokutetsu office in Kanazawa?

by daryl2107  

Re: Nohi bus ticket pickup? 2012/12/24 17:28
The office is on the bus stop in front of JR Kanazawa station East exit. You can visit it whenever it's convenient for you.
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Re: Nohi bus ticket pickup? 2012/12/24 20:44
thats not really my question :)

i'm wondering WHEN (on the trip day or day before) and WHERE (bus office or on the bus itself) i can pick up the tickets

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Re: Shirakawa-go highway bus ticket pickup? 2012/12/24 23:58
You can purchase your tickets at Hokutetsu Ekimae Center, specifying your reservation numbers; I recommend you would do so by the day before, if you can.
This office is open until 8 pm, and tickets for this bus line are available from 7 am.
Locations of this office and of the bus stop for your first bus are shown on the following map.
When I visited Kanazawa last time, I felt this office outside the bus terminal.
(Note: Another Hokutetsu office, which is located inside the bus terminal, is not handling highway bus tickets.)

I guess the buses are not equipped with ticket-vending devices which are connected to the reservation system.

By the way, Nohi Bus and Hokutetsu are different companies. They are co-operating this bus line.

Enjoy your trips!

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