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Yamadera is it accessible? worth it? 2012/12/24 13:05
I will be heading to Tohoku for two days in June 2013, I have friends in Sendai and will be looking to do Hirazumi, Matsushima Bay and a few more localised Sendai attractions. On the way north (or alternatively back to Tokyo I suppose) I could detour to Yamadera, from the pictures I've seen it looks quite scenic - how long does it take to see the best of Yamadera and is it doable in half a day? Is it easily accessible for a traveller going from Tokyo to Sendai (or vice versa)? Thank you
by oztraveller198713 (guest)  

Re: Yamadera is it accessible? worth it? 2012/12/24 20:17
It is an easy side trip from Sendai. The temple entrance is just a short walk from Yamadera Station. Seeing the temple grounds takes typically 1-3 hours depending on the pace of travel.
by Uji rate this post as useful

Re: Yamadera is it accessible? worth it? 2012/12/25 01:03
Yamadera is totally worth it and easy to get there from Sendai, but it is better combined with a visit to Yamagata City sites as well.

I've traveled in Yamagata Prefecture about ten years ago and I have nothing but fond memories.
by Yamagata fan (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Yamadera is it accessible? worth it? 2013/1/6 18:18
Yes, by all means go. We took advantage of the inexpensive gaijin fares on ANA and flew to Sendai from Hakata. Spent day one doing a boat ride to Matsushima and visiting friends. Day two, put our gear in lockers at Sendai Station and took the train to Yamadera, hiked the mountain, toured the town, bought some great kokeshi, and took the train back to Sendai. Arrived back in Tokyo via shinkansen by early evening, wishing we had been able to spend more time in Tohoku and had travelled back via Yamagata. The trains only run once an hour, and we took an early one. The route is beautiful and the town, people and mountain are well worth it. We were there in October, so don't know what kind of crowds, if any, you will see during summer.
by Jenny (guest) rate this post as useful

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