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study in a japanese high school 2012/12/26 05:13
Hello!I'm an italian girl and my dream is to spend in japan my 4th year of high school.Here in Italy there are some associations that organize this kind of exchanges but I haven't got enough money to them(they ask you 12 000 euros for one year).So I'm trying to organize this by my self.Do you think that a japanese high school will accept me?Another thing I want to ask is this: I know a japanese family and I was thinking about aking them if they can help me to find a family who is available to host me like an Au pair....will I resulte unpolite? thanx to everyone ^_^
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Re: study in a japanese high school 2012/12/26 11:09
Actually, 12,000 euro for one year sounds reasonable - that includes living expenses and everything, correct?

It would be extremely difficult to organize it by yourself if you are not fluent in Japanese - how would you even find a school that accepts a student that needs help with the language on a daily basis, and a host family?

Whether asking them is impolite depends on how well you "know" this family...

It would be easier if you came on a short-term program through your school/association, maybe?
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Re: study in a japanese high school 2012/12/26 19:52
Well, the cost is reasonable but my family hasn't got so much money to spend :( I'm studying japanese so I hope I'll speak it quite well in two years....
I met tha family last year in England and I bacame friend of the son,we exchange e-mails and I'm getting in touch with the mother on facebook....
p.s. thanx for your answer!
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Re: study in a japanese high school 2012/12/31 12:01

If you are dead set on attending a Japanese high school through an exchange program I would first talk to someone at your school. I'm sure someone there will know the process or knows someone who has done it before.

You can also search online for International Exchange Programs, many of them can answer your questions.

One thing I would highly recommend, ensure you have studied Japanese. Going on an exchange program to Japan, especially for one year, without any prior language is extremely tough and will make your experience in Japan not as good as it should be.

I will say that I'm envious on your intention of studying in Japan for a year, if I had known about this when I was your age I would have definitely looked into it. I hope you are able to accomplish your wish.
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