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Konami Gym/Gold's Gym per entry price? 2012/12/26 15:13
I would like to ask if konami gym in osaka or gold's gym in kyoto offer foreign visitors per entry prices? I am only there for about 2 weeks and i do not want to buy membership... their website is in japanese n i cant read...
by Kiev Wong (guest)  

Re: Konami Gym/Gold's Gym per entry price? 2012/12/26 16:41
I looked at the website for Gold's Gym's Umeda/Kyoto Nijo locations (member category/fees), and they do have these user categories:

Can use up to 5 hours in a day. Per use, you pay 2,630 yen.

"2 Week Trial":
For first-time users of Gold's Gym. No time restriction during the specified 2 weeks. 6,300 yen.

For both, you need to show some kind of ID to sign up to use.

Whether they have any English-speaking staff to explain the facility and rules, etc. (some places are quite strict about explaining everything to you) is another question.
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Re: Konami Gym/Gold's Gym per entry price? 2012/12/26 17:06
I would to ask if there is cheaper alternatives such as community gym in cities like hiroshima, kyoto, osaka or kobe?
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Re: Konami Gym/Gold's Gym per entry price? 2012/12/26 17:23
I wouldn't consider that fee at GOld's too expensive. Also, Konami does not seem to have a visitor fee.

Community sports center "might" restrict the users to people either living or working in the respective city, I'm not sure. Another thing is that it's less likely that they have English speakers there.

For example, at one Osaka City Naniwa Sports Center/Swimming Pool, they do have a training center, which per visit you pay 600 yen for, but they say first-time users must take a lecture on proper use of gym machine. Also you need to take an ID and sign up.


Are you going to "stay" in one city for two weeks, or are you looking to visit several cities? If you are traveling from one city to another, you would be better off looking for hotels with good fitness center. That's what those hotels are for.
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