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I need some advice about Japan 2012/12/27 05:31
I've been interested in Japanese being my second language, and have been self-studying it for just over a year. I feel like there's only so far you can really go on your own in terms of how fluent you want to be in any language.
Unfortunately for me, I decided to learn Japanese too late (by college standards) and by the time I wanted to study Japanese, I had already been on a different college course for a year.
I studied french at school which was compulsary. But, I was put into a lower level class so even if I passed it, there was no way that I could be considered for a language course in college, since it's based on a grade system. (schools just want passes and didn't risk me being in an advanced french class)

I pick up languages pretty quickly, especially when they're as interesting as Japanese! But, I feel that my dream of living there/ working there will never happen. Mainly due to the fact that, a) I don't have a qualification in it b) No college/ Uni will accept me since I don't have previous language qualifications.

I've been looking at a few exchange programs, but my research is quite limited. Since I'm not part of a Japanese language school, and I think i'm too old for any of them. I'm 22.

Is there anything that anyone could suggest that I could possibly do? Even if it's just a homestay with someone in Japan, any bit of info/ links to helpful sites or your own experience would be extremely helpful.

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Re: I need some advice about Japan 2012/12/27 09:52
Have you been to Japan already? You could simply come for a visit as a Temporary Visitor, or as a UK national you are eligible for Working Holiday status, under which you can travel while picking up some casual jobs to help with travel expenses. Or you can come study at a specialized Japanese language school in Japan, full-time, if you have the funds. 22 is not old for any of these things I've mentioned :)
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