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My weight in Japan 2012/12/30 05:50
I'm currently 170cm 54kg
5'7 120lbs

I'm feeling a little insecure about my weight in Japan and how I will be treated. I know there's not much I can do about my height which is fine by me, but if I could get an idea about my weight compared to other Japanese people (women) maybe I can do something. I know most people are like 114 or 110.

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Re: My weight in Japan 2012/12/30 11:45
If you are worried about your weight at 5'7" and 120 pounds, the kind of help you need cannot be found on this site.

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Re: My weight in Japan 2012/12/30 11:51

I wouldn't worry about it. As one of my friends once told me, "Don't compare yourself to Asian girls... They are naturally of a smaller size. And it is unhealthy for you to aspire to be that size." Depending on how your body is built, you will inevitably be bigger/smaller than others... I don't think that your height or weight will cause you to get different treatment... Any different treatment is more likely to be due to the fact that you are not Japanese. ^^;

Just be yourself. People will like you for who you are. :)

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Re: My weight in Japan 2012/12/30 11:59
The average of Japanese young women is about 51kg 158cm.
So you are very tall among Japanese women.
Maybe they will say "You're beautiful like a model".
But, in the city, not so curious today.
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Re: My weight in Japan 2012/12/30 14:48
You are fine. And you will lose weight if you walk/commute like Japanese(not by car) & eat regular basic Japanese foods & infrequent deep fried or greasy fast foods, etc.
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Re: My weight in Japan 2012/12/30 17:36
@ ay - your comment seems to imply that the OP needs to lose weight, and that disturbs me. At 170cm and 54kg she is most definitely in the healthy weight range and should NOT be trying to lose weight! This modern day obsession with ultra thin being "right" is very destructive. The OP would have more success getting blood out of a stone than trying to fit in physically amongst Japanese women. Simple genetics and cultural differences are the reason, and she should embrace the ways in which she's physically different, not be ashamed of them. Japanese women have tiny waists and thighs, but western women have curvy (I mean curvy, not "curvy" to say fat) torsos, shapely legs and ample boobage. You can envy the Japanese figure all you like, but your energy is better spent being proud of your shapely western figure that a lot of women there would probably be envious about.
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Re: My weight in Japan 2012/12/30 19:42
That sounds like a normal weight range to me. I'm 180cm and 63kg which is a tad on the ''I could be healthier'' side, but I didn't feel overly large in Japan. I still fit into clothing, and it wasn't uncommon to see women who were about my size/build. Not all Japanese people are thin and small.

And of course, don't compare yourself to Japanese girls anyway, because they are naturally built smaller than Westerners. Also, many of the celebrities on TV are even smaller than ''normal'' Japanese women, so that might make anyone feel insecure.
But don't let it! As long as you're healthy and within a normal weight range for your height and build, then why feel insecure? Why bother with the opinions of other people who have nothing to do with your life? If anyone does think you're fat (for whatever silly reason) just shrug and walk away. You're not trying to impress idiots. You're here on this earth to live life for yourself. Just be healthy and happy. That's all that matters :)
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Re: My weight in Japan 2012/12/30 20:27
@healthy dose of reality

I think ay was simply noting that life in Japan involves a lot more walking, normal everyday physical activity than an American lifestyle, thus one will naturally lose weight if living in a city like Tokyo where everyday life involves a lot of stairs and walking.

It's an accurate assessment and the OP probably would lose weight given the same diet.

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