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Difference between live concert and event? 2012/12/31 22:25
Hello, i have never been in Japan, and i have a question about musical bands in Japan. It seem they have live convert and event. I never heard of the event before, where i live, i only have live concert. But many Japanese band have live concert and event.

What is an event? I mean, what is the difference between an event and a live concert? Because i don't know what kind of things take place during an event.

I have seen an event ''Birthday Party'' from a band, with another band as a guest, and at this event, there is a 500yen to pay for the drink. So i'm curious about what is an event, if this is not consider as a live concert; does the bands play music?

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Re: Difference between live concert and event? 2013/1/1 16:55
For smaller bands, there are different kinds of concerts and many kinds of things labeled "event":

One-man, which is just the band
Event lives/multiband lives/shusai lives: Usually more than one band, sponsored by whoever's event it is. For example, at Band A's event live, they will invite bands B. C, and D, and A will be the headliner and have the longest time to play.

You seem to be confused with special occasion lives, which are also called events sometimes. Of course the band will play a normal set and then usually have something special like a cake brought out for the birthday member or a special session band set or something extra.

A good rule is that if it is taking place in a live house they will play music.

If it is something in a store labeled "event" it probably means a handshake or talking event. Sometimes bands will play a short set in the stores too, but store events are like a meet and greet.
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