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Lactose free food 2013/1/3 03:58
I wonder if someone can tell me, how common it is for japanese dishes to have milk/chesse in their making? My husband is mildly lactose intolerant, so I just need to know how carefull to we need to be in ordering, since we'll mostly be pointing at the menus and taking our chances...
by CecilSoares  

Re: Lactose free food 2013/1/3 13:07
No worries. traditional & basic Japanese foods never use any milk or cheese. If you eat western foods like pizza, hamburger with cheese, or coffee/tea with milk or powdered creamer, etc., then, it is a different story.
Many Japanese are lactose intolerant including me.
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Re: Lactose free food 2013/1/4 00:36
Thank you.
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Re: Lactose free food 2013/1/6 18:22
Yeah, you have NOTHING to worry about. I'm mildly lactose intolerant, but so far, none of the dairy products even bother me.

I should note that most of the cheap cheese that I've encountered is oil-based, apparent as it gets very translucent when heated. Milk and other dairy products are comparatively expensive - Milk is usually priced at 148 yen per liter, which roughly equals $6.45 per gallon.
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Re: Lactose free food 2013/1/16 22:11
I am also lactose intolerant but just want to know how easy is it get soy milk and what is the japanese phrase to ask for it at the store. We are going to Niseko so are we are we able to find it there?
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Re: Lactose free food 2013/2/25 11:50
print this and show

Soy milk that has been flavored
Soy milk that has not been flavored

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