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Fugu 2013/1/7 02:54
Hi, i'm starting a trip around the world in februari. Lift off is in Tokyo and what is a good price quality restaurant to eat fugu. And what price range is it. Gr. Bert
by Bert (guest)  

Re: Fugu 2013/1/7 09:10
You happen to be in luck.. fugu is a winter fish and is only available november-march.

they say the top notch place to sample it is

sadly, i have not been in japan during winter time but that is one restaurant on my winter list.

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Re: Fugu 2013/1/7 11:53
Fugu dishes are available in selected sometimes hard to locate although locally popular (make resv early) establishments (with fugu chefs) in Dec-Jan. Only limited places sells the dishes after Jan. Recommend to call in advance for resv and to ascertain dish is available.

It is fine, intricately cut and tastes freshly exquisite in one of the best raw fish Japanese experience- sheer heavenly.

Ask around. Many expats living in Japan for decades or Japanese locals might not have tasted or yearned to try it.
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Re: Fugu 2013/1/7 22:31
In March last year, I stayed at Toyoko Inn Tokyo Shinjuku Kabuki-cho and I remember walking past this rstaurant with an aquarium full of fugu fish as I walk from the hotel to Shinjuku Station. Maybe you can give it a try.
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Re: Fugu 2013/1/7 22:34
Sorry forgot to mention that it is directly across from Best Western Shinjuku Astina Hotel Tokyo.
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Re: Fugu 2013/1/8 21:15
There is a chain of reliable restaurants called Tettiri that has branches throughout the city. I've been before and it's always good.


Your hotel can help you to make reservations.
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