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studying abroad, school options and questions 2013/1/7 16:08
Hello, I am new to the forum. I am planning on applying for studying abroad in Japan for next fall of 2013.

I have a few options as to which schools I can apply to and I was wondering if any of you who have studied abroad in any of these schools or those of you who attend these schools would recommend what you think is the best for me.

I am learning Japanese, the basics and have taken a few classes but have not learned very much. I would like to improve my skills in Japanese in one of these schools. Speaking Japanese has always been a dream of mine.

I also hear that living with a host family in Japan is a great experience. But I wonder: If I were to stay with a Japanese family would I still be able to socialize and make friends from school and outside school?

I think that living in the dorms would be a great way to make more friends, but at the same time it would be great to live with a host family. what are your thoughts?

Anyway, here are the lists of schools that I am thinking of applying to. I think I can only pick 3 to apply to.

1.Toyo University in Tokyo.
2.Tokyo international university in Tokyo.
3.Kansai Gaidai in Hirakata city.
4.Nanzan University in Nagoya.

Any input on any of these schools, or answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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Re: studying abroad, school options and questions 2013/1/7 21:54
I'm envious anytime I see someone post on here that they have the chance to study in Japan. I lived in Japan for several years but moslty due to the military, but I wish I could have studied there in my 20s.

Have you ever been to Japan before? It looks like most of your choices are in Tokyo which isn't a bad thing because there are tons of things to do and see.

My family is from Nagoya and I've visited there a few times, if I had to choose from Nagoya or Tokyo I'd go with the later.

I would also recommend staying with a host family if possible, I've never done it myself but it offers many benefits than living in the dorm: someone to talk to whenever you have questions, live as a Japanese would, and establish a relationship with your host family that could last a lifetime.
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Re: studying abroad, school options and questions 2013/1/8 00:58
Thanks for your input masashi!

I have never been to japan, its always been a dream of mine to go there, let alone live there!

I would love to live in tokyo because everything is there! But I guess I would have to see who will accept me.

Toyo university only accepts students who plan to study abroad there for one year only.

Tokyo international university, I believe can offer semester interns only. And offer a host family for the whole semester.

I believe it would be nice to get a host family, they say you learn japanese a lot faster and feel just at home. It also depends who you get from what I hear, sometimes you get a whole family while other times you only get one person. But I guess anything is good :)
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