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Volunteering in Japan 2013/1/9 02:21

After having the most amazing time of my life in Japan last November I have planned to return to the country for 3 months in May.

This time however, I am looking to volunteer as a teacher in Osaka. Since I am British national, I am aware that I don't require visa for up to 90days stay..

I am writing to find out whether I am able to volunteer as a teacher through out this period..

any comments?

Thanks :)
by Feenon Brown  

Re: Volunteering in Japan 2013/1/9 08:52
Do you have any skills in teaching the English language? How can you prove to those you offer your volunteering services that you can actually teach them something worthwhile and that you're not actually making things worse? I'm not being mean, just practical.

At best, I think you can help as a conversation companion. If you're not qualified to teach, I don't think they'd accept your help.

Maybe I'm wrong.
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Re: Volunteering in Japan 2013/1/9 10:40
As mentioned by John B digs Japan above, I believe it might be difficult to find a school (?) that simply hires you for three months (it is likely not attractive to have someone even for free, it is's only for one term or so; still they need to interview you and go through the regular hiring process even for free), and if you have not been trained as an English teacher (I don't know, of course) to function as a teacher, and also to show that you are competent without any credentials.

I don't know what kind of teaching you are thinking of, but teaching positions in schools and English conversation schools are positions others get trained for, get paid for, meaning, go with commitment and responsibility, rather than "volunteering."

You could probably find a conversation lounge or "multilingual" friendship group (where grownups and kids get together just to chat), but that is really just chatting, and I would not really consider that as "teaching" toward a career or a viable "volunteering." If you don't have to get paid, I think it might be simply better to come back for another leisure trip?
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Re: Volunteering in Japan 2013/1/11 01:42
As a British national you are also able to get a Working Holiday Visa (for one year) or extend your visa for up to another three months (for a total of six months).

See: http://www.uk.emb-japan.go.jp/en/visa/FAQ.html#q11 (under "I am a British national and am intending to stay in Japan for sightseeing for 6 months. Do I need a visa?") for information about extending your visa.
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