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How do you say ''Farm-raised'' fish? 2013/1/9 12:39
I'm kind of particular on the types of salmon I buy at the grocery market, but I don't know the Japanese equivalent of the terms:
Wild Caught
Farm Raised

What is it in Japanese? Anyone know?
I Google Translated it, but I kind of doubt it could be ''ワイルドキャッチ'' or ''ファームは鮭''
by sweetboa22  

Re: How do you say ''Farm-raised'' fish? 2013/1/9 14:09

Farmed is "養殖" ("youshoku")
Wild is "天然" ("tennen", literally "natural")

By the way, Eijiro is a pretty good online dictionary for looking up terms like these. (Google is as good as useless - as you already found out.)
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