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Kansai College of Business and Languages 2013/1/10 07:15
Anyone knows someone that went to this school or knows anything about it?

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Re: Kansai College of Business and Languages 2013/1/12 04:31
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Re: Kansai College of Business and Languages 2013/4/5 14:46
I dont know of anyone who has gone there but I will be going there in a year and a half or so. Ill ne using my gi bill to go there because its only one of the few schools in japan that are va approved. From the research ive done this school is legit and offerers a 2 year degree that many language schools do not. Feel free to email me at gendo37@gmail.com. I dont know a whole lot but maybe we could help eachother out.
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MGIB 2013/6/21 05:06
This school has caught my interest. I already have a university degree in science and would ideally be working in Tokyo ASAP. However, I realize the necessity of being fluent in Japanese.

This seems to be the only intensive language program that the VA has already approved for use with the 9-11 MGIB.

Has anyone went there on there using MGIB before?

What about a financial guarantor? The school has two application forms that reference this. What if I don't know anyone in Japan?

I've recently contacted the school but have not received a response. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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