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Japanese Knife Makers 2013/1/10 14:06
I am a chef for a living and taking my first trip to Japan. I was wondering if anyone is familiar of any Japanese Knife makers shops, where i might be able to purchase or even view the building process? Thanks
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Re: Japanese Knife Makers 2013/1/10 23:22
At first, you can visit Kappabashi kitchenware-street near Asakusa.
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... 2013/1/11 06:42
You will love Kappabashi. Many knives to choose from. Heaps of other interesting stores if you are a chef.

There are also some knife shops in the outer market at Tsukiji.


Enjoy your trip!
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Re: Japanese Knife Makers 2013/1/11 19:10
The knife shops in Tsukiji don't actually show the building process, but in they do show you the 4 stages of sharpening, which is extraordinary to watch...the care and attention is amazing: the knife we chose was lethally sharp, and THEN they sharpened it to their perfect standard!!
Worth noting: we have only bought in Tsukiji: and the knives are carbon steel, not stainless steel: so if that's what you buy, be prepared to rinse and clean immediately after use, oil, and store in waxed paper...otherwise they stain....badly.....
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