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Kids Snow Boots 2013/1/11 09:24
Hello, does anyone know of a shop in either Narita, Haneda or Sapporo airports that sells snow boots to fit an 8yr old?

I can get them in Australia now for about A$45 (4000 yen) but thought it might be cheaper to just wait till we are in Japan. Thanks
by Luke (guest)  

Re: Kids Snow Boots 2013/1/11 20:16
It's not actually that cheap (Japan is still an expensive country to begin with). A quick Google search shows us similar prices, and the cheapest is from ABC Mart which you probably can find near you.

But then, I don't think it has to be "snow boots." For an 8 year old, an ordinary pair of rain boots will do as long as you don't go mountain climbing or something. Make sure he wears thick, warm stockings.

And to answer your question, airports aren't the best places to buy boots. But there are plenty of shops in the city of Sapporo where you can find some more socks and stockings. But then, I would rather buy everything at home so that there is plenty of leasure time in the destination.
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Re: Kids Snow Boots 2013/1/12 09:16
Thanks Uco, yep I've decided to make life easier & just bought the boots yesterday. We don't have enough time in between airport transfers on the way up to Sapporo to muck around. Thanks for the help.
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