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Japanese Kindle abroad 2013/1/12 21:41
I live in Poland but want to buy a Kindle from Japanese amazon, because I'd like to get Japanese ebooks and because it would cost less.
Now my question is, will I actually be able to buy japanese ebooks on a polish adress from Japanese amazon and on Japanese Kindle? I ask because I recently downloaded Kindle Iphone app and tried to download a free ebook from Japanese amazon, but it wouldnt let me, saying that I cant do that living in Poland...
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Re: Japanese Kindle abroad 2013/1/13 14:29
The kindle stores are region coded, and can only sell books, music, and videos that are licensed for the region that you are buying from. So if you were unable to dl a Japanese book from the kindle iphone app then a Japanese Kindle won't help because its the region settings of your network, not the device. Have you looked into vpn or proxy services to trick your device into thinking you are in Japan? That should work with the initial download.
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Re: Japanese Kindle abroad 2013/1/13 19:22
I don't understand, then why am I able to buy ebooks from Cloud Book on my iPhone?
Anyways, thank you for the answer, I'll look into that.
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Re: Japanese Kindle abroad 2013/1/14 13:56
Cloudbook and the Kindle store are operated by different companies so they probably have different licensing restrictions. I actually find the kindle store region restrictions to be rather strict in comparison to other online media stores.
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Re: Japanese Kindle abroad 2013/1/15 17:33
So far, I have had no problem buying American books while in Japan for my Kindle, but I have an American address.

I agree with yllwsmrf. Having a Kindle won't help.

Actually, Amazon's bookstore is still fairly new in Japan, due to Japanese book-selling laws. According to a friend who works in the manga industry, all new books in Japan must be sold at list price because of an old law, so Amazon had issues reaching an agreement with Japanese companies for quite some time.
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