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Budget shopping 2013/1/14 07:03
I'm thinking of visiting Japan for a shopping spree.
Does anyone know budget/cheap places for ladies clothes? Mainly looking for business style clothes.
I visit Tokyo more, but would the clothes be cheaper in Osaka or Fukuoka?
by Jane (guest)  

Re: Budget shopping 2013/1/14 09:26
Where are you from? One of my friends (Japanese) never buys business clothes in Japan because (in comparison) it is expensive here, and instead waits till she gets a chance to go to the US to do all clothes shopping. I guess it depends on your expectations too.
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Re: Budget shopping 2013/1/14 17:34
There is also the problem of sizes...I am a man, not very tall, but can't fit in a Japanese jacket as they are much too tight in the chest and shoulders for me, even though the waist and length are OK.

My best buddy is from Japan and in North America he buy most of his casual clothes in the children section..clothes for 16 years old.

I understand that Western women have troubles too.
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Re: Budget shopping 2013/1/14 18:45
I'm unsure for ladies.
But they say these chain stores sell at low prices.

And for the duration of bargain sale, it's reasonable to do shopping at department stores like 01(marui), seibu or something.
For business style clothes, especially during spring sale.
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