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pass from student visa to spouse visa 2013/1/15 16:34
i should start to explain my story...
i am a spanish woman,who has been living in japan since 3 years previously under pre-college visa,then(when i enrolled in the vocational school)under college student.
i`ve been sharing the apartament with my boyfriend(japanese national)for all this time,and now we decided to get married...
i`m going to graduate on next march,and my visa expires on july 1st.

i would like to apply for spouse visa,but i read somewhere on the web that most cases of people who pass from student visa to spouse visa,expecially near the graduation time,are rejected,because there are pleanty of student who can`t find job after graduation but want to stay in japan,so have fake marriages...

do you have any suggestion,or did you have similiar experience??any advice will be very helpfuI
thank you in advance

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... 2013/1/15 18:04
This is just general advice for immigration around the world, hopefully someone else can share their specific experience in Japan.

Maybe this won't be useful in Japan but usually:-

Try and collect documentation proving your relationship over time. Shared bills. Bills in his name and others in your name confirming the same address. Photos together at different times (in snow, in summer etc.). If you travelled back to Spain together, photos in Spain together. If he met your family in Japan, photos with them etc.

Good luck!
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Re: pass from student visa to spouse visa 2013/1/15 18:10
The people who got rejected probably had fake marriages.

If you can provide the documents that GC3 listed, you are virtually guaranteed to be approved.
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