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Lighting Shop in Kyoto 2013/1/16 23:47
Am currently in Kanazawa where I've just visited the magnificent Kenroku-en garden. The beautiful lantern-style lamps which are all through the garden have inspired me to try to buy a lantern-style light for my Japanese-style garden at home. I know there won't be anything ready made as beautiful as those lights but something quite simple would be perfect. I'm heading to Kyoto next and thought there may be a good quality lighting store where I could buy a classic style Japanese garden light. Can anyone advise me. Thanks, Adrienne.
by Adrienne (guest)  

Re: Lighting Shop in Kyoto 2013/1/18 11:49
Do you mean to buy a stone lantern? Or the wood and paper ones often used to light walkways. Can you give us an example of what you are looking for?
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Re: Lighting Shop in Kyoto 2013/1/18 12:17
sample photo pls!
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Re: Lighting Shop in Kyoto 2013/1/18 16:36
Thanks. I mean a timber and white glass lantern-shape electrical light for the garden. Currently in no wi-fi zone in Takayama, will post a photo as soon as I can.
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