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good youtube channels 2013/1/17 08:04
Hey everyone can guys suggest to me any good new to Japan or people soon to be in Japan youtube channels? who show their lives in Japan rather than educational channels i know all the famous ones,
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Re: good youtube channels 2013/1/17 10:40
Micaela - Studied at NILS language school and some music school. Lives in Fukuoka. Micaela is an inspiration to everyone wanting to live in Japan. Does mostly blogging but she does have some insightful videos.

TheJapanChannel - Guy who provides a lot of insight into Japanese life. Does interviews and shows many things in Japan. He has a LOT of videos talking about Japan and also its negative bits

QuickRhino - Very funny guy who has a lot of videos about his wacky adventures in Japan. Seriously recommend them all for a good laugh.

kawaiijutsu - Some teacher in Japan. Not sure but she might be a JET.

Gimmeaflakeman - Another guy who makes a lot of videos of Japan. Like JapanChannel, has lived in Japan for a long time.



And some specials!

Runnyrunny999 - Japanese English speaking cooking channel. Takes requests.

emiidesu - More cooking

Hikakin - Super awesome sugoi Japanese beatboxer.

Megwin - Crazy Japanese youtuber who makes 1 video a day.

Yeah. I youtube a lot.
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Re: good youtube channels 2013/1/17 11:08
cooking with dog!
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Re: good youtube channels 2013/1/17 23:02
A few recommendations (that have not already been mentioned):

myargonauts (someone who has plenty of experience with the JET program too btw)

InTheInaka (sadly hasn't made videos in quite some time, but the ones already up are good)



Ryan Boundless
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