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Stable Friendship? 2013/1/18 01:20
Hi everyone, ILm using this site since about a Year and I have made many Japanese friends.

My only problem is that from the ~40 different person I met here only 3 are still my friends...

In the most case itLs almost the same, I receive a Mail from someone. We have a few exchange over this site, then we switch over to LINE.

We talk a bit then each day I need to start the conversation, but itLs a bit useless because ILm the only who ask some question.

So I also stop to talk with that person.

So is it normal that Japanese (in the most case), only are interesst in the first days in their new friends ? And then they quick lose their interest ?
by Uriziel  

Re: Stable Friendship? 2013/1/18 08:32
Rather than with the Japanese, I think this has to do with the nature of international internet friendship services. Unknown people meet each other based on some superficial information and communicate with each other in a foreign language that may cause them a lot of effort to write. I think it is only natural that a lot of the relationships end quickly due to people noticing that it is not the match they were looking for or other reasons, such as overwhelming effort to write in a foreign language. I actually think you are lucky to have found as many as three stable friends within a year!
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