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Buy camera lens 2013/1/19 05:46
I buy lens from yodobashi, but when I talk with friends they always say go to Hong Kong because it's cheaper.
Would anyone know if this is true?
by Jane (guest)  

... 2013/1/19 08:48
Even in Japan Yodobashi is not usually the cheapest, although they do have a points system which offsets this.

Yes, sometimes lenses are cheaper in Hong Kong, but of course, depends where you buy it there.

In general, I would not worry about it, but you could search on Price HK if you wish
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Re: Buy camera lens 2013/1/19 18:34
it depends on whether you're buying used or new

new might be cheaper but the lenses will be grey market - no warranty

japan and tokyo in particular has the best market for used lenses. map camera or fujiya camera are maybe the best places in the country.
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Re: Buy camera lens 2013/1/25 05:03
Thank you for the suggestions, I'll check those places out next time I'm in Japan
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